...of Eritrean Refugees
in the U.S.A.
Resettlement Process Graphic
The Resettlement Agency Affiliates, by State -- Updated October 3, 2014
The FY 2015 Proposed Refugee Resettlement Report to Congress
U.S. Resettlement Program Summary
The Nine U.S. Volunteer Resettlement Agencies -- "VOLAGs"
How Congregations Can Help with Resettlement of Eritrean Refugees
UNHCR: Questions and Answers on Resettlement Referrals from Africa
E-mail:  Mail@EritreanRefugees.org
for Refugees, Agencies and
About Harassment and Extortion of
Refugees by Agents and Loyalists of
the Eritrean Regime
English & Tigrinya
USA Map with State Name Pronunciation
Rendered in GE-EZ (Eritrean Phonetic
Alphabet) + State Capitals
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Self-Help Items for Those Coping with Post-Trauma Adjustment
Provided by Victims of Crime Service, Tasmania, Australia
1. Self-Help Strategy (one page) -- English and Tigrinya
2. Progress Check List -- English & Tigrinya
Petitioning for Spouse or Unmarried
Children Under Age 21 to Join a
Refugee or Asylee in the U.S.
Instructions for Form I-730
General Background on Eritrean
Refugees and Asylum Seekers:
Information Helpful for
  • VOLAG Admin. and Case Managers
  • Immigration Lawyers
  • Immigration Judges
  • USCIS Analysts
  • USCIS Interviewers
  • UNHCR Protection
  • UNHCR Resettlement
  • IOM Travel Specialists
  • DOJ Analysts
  • PRM Program Specialists
  • Welfare Offices
  • Schools
America Team Resource
Version 2.2
Holidays and Special Days
Celebrated in the United States
with dates and meanings
English & Tigrinya
Refugee Guide to Resettlement
Orientation Video (DVD) - Tigrinya
Cultural Orientation Resource Center
America Team Partial Apartment Checklist
for New Refugee Arrivals in the U.S.
Partial Checklist For Case Managers & Volunteers - English
Partial List Written for the Refugee - English & Tigrinya
Numbers of Eritreans
Resettled to the US:
By State of Reception
by Fiscal Year,  2000 - 2012
ORR Data
U.S. Immigration Change  of
Address Form - October, 2013
(Print both sides on one sheet)
The Form
The Affordable Care Act:
Health Insurance Info for
ORR: The U.S. Office of Refugee
October 22, 2013
Obtaining Documents
from Eritrea
Why This May Be Impossible
"Representing Asylum Seekers"
The Political Asylum / Immigration
Representation Project,
Boston, MA
The File
(513 pages)