F: Age 15, at a shelter in Sicily

F: Age 15, at a shelter in Sicily


I crossed from Eritrea to Ethiopia on foot.  It took two days. I didn’t tell anyone I was leaving.  I stayed in the Hitsats refugee camp (Ethiopia) for six months.  I wanted to go to Europe from the beginning, but I didn’t ask my family for money until I was in Ethiopia.  After they sent me some money, from Hitsats I went to Khartoum (Sudan), where I stayed for five months until they could send me more money. On the way to Libya the smugglers’ truck broke down, and I was terrified.  Fortunately they fixed it.  Then I was in Libya for two months, waiting for money and good sea conditions.  ISIS was around — they had kidnapped and killed a Christian man, and that really frightened me.  I arrived in Italy 20 days ago.  I want to go to Germany.