How You Can Help

Help Refugees in Your Community

Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers now live in many Western countries and all over the United States.  By personally assisting these refugees and asylum seekers, one by one, you can materially improve their integration and acculturation into Western society, and provide them and their fellow Eritreans with healing and with hope for the future.  In the U.S., over 200 non-profit refugee agencies support newly arriving Eritrean and other refugees and asylum seekers in these humanitarian, non-political ways.  Please contact one of them near you to inquire how you can help. Here is a listing of Resettlement Affiliates by state. Religious congregations also often provide compassionate outreach and assistance, as described in our information for congregations.

Create Awareness

Relatively few people in the United States today and in some other parts of the Western world have heard of Eritrea, let alone of the grave human rights abuses that Eritreans face within Eritrea and in flight.  To prevent further abuses requires a broader awareness in the West.  We urge our visitors to share this Web site and its message – including “Solutions We Seek” – with their friends, their religious congregations, their service clubs, and their representatives in Congress.  For materials pertinent to these efforts, please visit our Resources page.  For help in identifying your representative in Congress, see .

Donate Funds

Contributions to The America Team are used for a broad range of assistance, such as for the urgent needs of families and individuals resettled in the United States and in desperate situations overseas; for the education of young people; and for global communication expenses in connection with international crisis resolution. The America Team is all-volunteer, its members receive no compensation from the organization, and the organization receives only private funding from committed donors such as you.

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