For Refugee Resettlement


Items helpful to refugees being resettled to the United States by the U.S. Department of State.  These are designed to assist people ranging from refugees adjusting to American life to volunteers, professionals and authorities needing background about Eritrean refugees.

General Background on Eritrean Refugees and Asylum Seekers: Information Helpful for

  • VOLAG Admin. and Case Mgrs.
  • Immigration Lawyers, Judges
  • USCIS Analysts, Interviewers
  • UNHCR Protection, Resettlement
  • IOM Travel Specialists
  • DOJ Analysts
  • PRM Program Specialists
  • Welfare Offices, Schools

General Information About Eritrean Refugees-Version4.0

Obtaining Documents from Eritrea

Why This May be Impossible


Self-help Manual for Torture Survivors

By UNHCR/Israel  English & Tigrinya


1-Page Self-help for Trauma

By Victims of Crime Service, Australia English & Tigrinya

Holidays and Special Days Celebrated in the United States

with Dates and Meanings

English & Tigrinya


US Refugee Processing & Screening System

from the Department of State


Petitioning for Spouse or Unmarried Children Under Age 21 to Join a Refugee or Asylee in the U.S.

USCIS Form I-730

Instructions for Form I-730


Proposed Refugee Admissions to the U.S. for Fiscal Year 2017

The Report to Congress


Alert/Warning for Refugees, Agencies and Volunteers

About Harassment and Extortion of Refugees by Agents and Loyalists of the Eritrean Regime

English & Tigrinya

USA Map with State Name Pronunciation Rendered in GE-EZ (Eritrean Phonetic Alphabet) + State Capitals


The Nine U.S. Volunteer Resettlement Agencies — “VOLAGs”


The Resettlement Agency Affiliates, by State

Updated October 26, 2017

Resettlement Affiliates by State

UNHCR: Questions and Answers on Resettlement Referrals from Africa

Questions and Answers

How Congregations Can Help with Resettlement of Eritrean Refugees

How Congregations Can Help

The FY 2016 Proposed Refugee Resettlement Report to Congress

Proposed Refugee Admissions

The Affordable Care Act:Health Insurance Info for Refugees

October 22, 2013

ORR: The U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement

Numbers of Eritreans Resettled to the US:

By State of Reception by Fiscal Year,  2000 – 2012

ORR Data

“Representing Asylum Seekers”

by The Political Asylum / Immigration Representation Project, Boston, MA (513 Pages)

The File

U.S. Immigration Change of Address Form

October, 2013 (Print both sides on one sheet)

The Form