Reference Materials


Published items from reputable sources that provide detailed information about Eritrean refugees and the conditions and oppression that many citizens face inside Eritrea; and other helpful items.

NOTICE – Imminent Deportation of Eritreans from the U.S.


2-Page Summary About Eritrea       Eritrean Asylum Claims – Summary

Punishment Upon Forced Returned to Eritrea

A Victim’s Torture Drawings

Asylum Recognition Rates in Europe 2016

Eritrean ID Perspective

Choosing a Lawyer

Human Rights – Government and U.N. Reports

Extensive Backgrounder Released by the U.S. Department of State

December, 2015

Background on Eritrea

US House Subcommittee Hearing: Eritrea: A Neglected Regional Threat

September, 2016


UN Report on Eritrea of the Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea. October, 2016

Monitoring Report

UNHCR Guidelines for Assessing Eritrean Refugees’ Protection Needs

UNHCR Report – Conditions – 2009

UNHCR Guidelines- 2011

U.S. State Department Human Rights Report – 2016

DESPERATE JOURNEYS: Refugees Entering and Crossing Europe

February, 2017:

UNHCR – Report

EU Parliament Proposes, Adopts Resolution Aimed at Human Eights in Eritrea

July 10, 2017:

The Proposal   The Adopted Text

Statement by the Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Eritrea to the UN Human Rights Council

March 14, 2016:


Full 1.5 Hour Webcast

June 7, 2017:

Advance Unedited 2017 Report

October 27, 2017:

Refugees Need Help — Press Release, UN, New York


UN Human Rights Council Releases Extensive Study of Human Rights Practices in Eritrea — June, 2015

Fact Sheet – 2 Pages

Summary Report – 28 Pages

Full Report – 484 Pages

Children and youth moving across the Mediterranean Sea

UNICEF-IOM Report Sept., 2017

UN Human Rights Council Releases Extensive Study of Human Rights Practices in Eritrea — June, 2016

COI Summary 2016 — 26 Pages

COI Full Report 2016 — 94 Pages

UK Upper Tribunal Court Rules that Eritreans Face Danger if Returned — October, 2016

The Full Decision — 267 Pages

Human Rights – NGO Reports

Libya: new testimonies reveal horrors inflicted on refugees and migrants by traffickers

Report by Amnesty International July, 2016

DYING TO REACH EUROPE: Eritreans in Search of Safety

Report by Doctors without Borders, February, 2017

Libya: European governments complicit in horrific abuse of refugees and migrants

Report by Amnesty International December, 2017

Human Rights Watch Eritrea

2017 Country Report: Events of 2016

Report on Women’s Rights in Eritrea

Human Rights Concern – Eritrea Report March, 2017

The 2% Tax in Seven European Countries

Report from Tilburg School of Humanities – June 2017

Amnesty International Country Reports on Eritrea

2016/2017 Report

Dynamic Dashboard to Amnesty International Articles on Eritrea

Carnegie Council: No Place for Eritreans

March 2017 Report

Reporters Without Borders Ranks Eritrea Next to Last for Press Freedom, Just Above North Korea

2017 Report

National Service and State Structures in Eritrea as Reported by Dr. David Bozzini

National Service in Eritrea

Updates and Details on Conditions Affecting the Eritrean Population

Human Rights Concern – Eritrea Report January, 2017

Religious Freedom

2016 Religious Freedom Report by the U.S. Department of State

Religious Freedom Report

U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom – 2017 Report on Eritrea

Annual Report – 2017 — Eritrea Only

In Israel

Eritrean Asylum Seekers in Israel

April, 2016

Hotline for Refugees and Migrants


Eritreans in Israel Harassed by Pro-regime Spies

January 2016

Video: Human Rights Concern – Eritrea

Israel’s “Voluntary Return”
Procedure for Asylum-seekers
April 2015

Hotline for Refugees and Migrants – Israel

Refugees Forgotten in Detention in Israel

Hot Line for Refugees and Migrants – January 2017

Human Trafficking

Sinai Trafficking: Origin and Definition of a New Form of Human Trafficking: Article by van Reisen and Rijken

COGITATIO Article,                  February 2015

UNHCR-IOM 2014 Report on Human Trafficking in Sudan

The Report

Human Trafficking and Smuggling
on the Horn of Africa-Central
Mediterranean Route

February, 2016

IGAD-Sahan Foundation Report

US Department of State Trafficking in Persons Report

July, 2015

The Report with Eritrea Narrative Only

Refugee Resettlement – USA

The refugee resettlement process outlined by the U.S. Department of State

Refugee Resettlement Process


Resettlement agencies utilized by the U.S. Department of State for resettling refugee immigrants in the USA

FY 2016 Reception & Placement Primary Agency List

R&P Affiliates by State Updated November 28, 2016

Documentary video, “Home Across Lands,” follows resettlement of refugees from Shimelba refugee camp to Rhode Island

Home Across Lands

Year in Review: Refugees Resettled in the USA – FY 2014


Other Items

The ratified constitution of Eritrea never enacted by the present government

The Constitution


Comprehensive Reference File on Eritrea Country Conditions

Conditions Affecting Asylum Seekers and Related Documentation

European Union Parliament’s Resolution on Eritrea

March, 2016

The Resolution


UNHCR on Abuse of Migrants in Libya

December, 2016

The Article

The Report

Protection on the Move: Eritrean Refugee Flows through the Greater Horn of Africa

September 2016

Migration Policy Institute Report

Face to Face with the Eritrean Exodus into Ethiopia: Refugees Who  Have Made it to Safety in the South

March 2017


America Team Graphic of Aspects Around Oppression in Eritrea

August, 2016

2-Page Brief on Eritrea and Its Refugees

Oppression Graphic